Check Out These Gorgeous Celebrities Who Are Proud of Their Morena Skin

Earlier this week, the online community was enraged following the unsavory ad of a whitening product. The ad –which implies the superiority of fair skin to a ‘morena’ skin tone — has earned backlash from the netizens.

What ensued is a nationwide protest to embrace Filipinos’ natural ‘morena’ skin.

In a country where mestiza skin is revered by the mainstream media, it is rare to see morena celebrities. But these morena beauties proved that they don’t need whitening products to be comfortable in their own skin!

There’s nothing wrong with being morena, and you should be proud of it! This is the motto of these gorgeous celebrities who embraced their natural skin tone.

1. Lovi Poe

Image via Instagram / Lovi Poe

One of Lovi Poe’s best assets is her sun-kissed skin. Aside from her natural genes, she got it from being a certified beach babe!

2. Megan Young

Image via Instagram / Megan Young

Former Miss World Megan Young is also proud of her morena skin. On Instagram, many fans often comment on her naturally-tanned skin tone.

3. Rochelle Pangilinan

Image via Instagram / Rochelle Pangilinan

Even from her “S3xb0mb” days, this talented dancer has always flaunted her natural skin color. She’s also blessed with a great fashion sense which really brings out the best in her morena skin!

4. Iza Calzado

Image via Instagram / Iza Calzado

Iza always makes it a point to embrace her morena skin. Even in the past, this seasoned actress has never endorsed a whitening product. Way to go, Iza!

5. Nadine Lustre

Image via Instagram / Nadine Lustre

Just like Lovi Poe, Nadine’s love for the beach has left her with glowing, bronze-like skin. Even her followers on Instagram are loving the actress’ morena tone.

6. Liza Soberano

Image via Instagram / Liza Soberano

Just like the women on this list, this young actress is also proud of her morena skin. In fact, most people think that Liza embodies the image of a true Filipina beauty.