Mom’s ‘Reunion’ with Late Daughter through Virtual Reality Makes Everyone Cry

It is so difficult to imagine how a mom could ever feel after losing her child, especially one who is still so young. And while it would be impossible to bring them back to life again, one mom was able to have a ‘reunion’ with her late daughter through virtual reality.

The resulting video made everyone cry, even though most netizens could not understand a word of what they are talking about because the clip is in Korean.

Photo credit: MBC Documentary / YouTube

Is there someone you miss in memory? Jang Ji-sung, the mother of four children, lost the third Nayeon, 7 years old, three years ago. And today we meet Nayeon again through VR (Virtual Reality) technology. Can Mom let Nayeon go? #VR #Human Documentary #Meeting You #Nayeon,” the caption, written in Korean, narrated.

This mother had the chance to “meet” her daughter again – and the whole thing just made everyone cry as well. Right from the start, it was clear that she misses her daughter so much and longs to hug the child. She understands, of course, that this is but a virtual reality moment, but for Ji-sung, it truly felt like Nayeon was there talking to her.

Photo credit: MBC Documentary / YouTube

For a few minutes, Ji-sung was able to talk to her daughter, play with the child and have a picnic together, before the child had to bid her goodbye. Just watching what she has to go through also made her family cry, but we could not imagine how deep the pain she must truly be feeling at that moment.

Photo credit: MBC Documentary / YouTube

And while she lost her child those many years ago, it makes us happy that she is able to “reunite” with Nayeon even for just a few moments. The story of their reunion is fictional, of course, and the Nayeon she “meets” there is not for real, but we can see that this would bring her closure and makes the pain less intense as she imagines a sweeter, better life for her daughter…

You can’t watch this without crying: