Mom Sees Strange Person in Kid’s Supposedly Solo Photo, Girl Says It’s Her ‘Friend’

Kids are said to have wild imaginations and many have imaginary friends at some point in their lives. But are these imaginary friends really just innocent products of their own imaginations or something more sinister?

Tapiko Takupe shares some photos taken at a McDonald’s playground at an unknown location, possibly before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo credit: Tapiko Takupe / Facebook

In the pictures a girl was playing at the giant indoor slide. As many parents are wont to do these days, the girl’s mom snapped some pictures of the girl playing inside the playground.

But in some pictures that were supposedly solo photos, the mother was surprised to see that there seems to be a creepy person posing along with the girl. At first, the mother thought this was just a trick of the light or something called pareidolia wherein people see faces or images in objects.

However, when other family members jokingly asked the girl about the ‘person’ in the photos, she replied that it is her friend, “Beto”. For sure, the parents had thought at first that this is her imaginary friend, but if the ‘imaginary person’ appears in photos, that is no longer imaginary, right?

Photo credit: Tapiko Takupe / Facebook

The creepy photos had gone viral, with many netizens also sharing their own experiences with ‘imaginary friends’ of their kids or even their own ‘imaginary friends’ back when they were young. While many don’t believe such stories, others think that these ‘imaginary friends’ do exist and they could be spirits from another dimension…

True or not, the pictures are really so creepy, right? Yikes!