Mom Freaks Out Over ‘Ghost Baby’ Sleeping Right Next to Son in Crib

For a lot of people, there’s nothing scarier that seeing a ghost or some supernatural being right beside their children – especially one that was captured on camera! Yikes.

One mom recently shared a photo of a ‘ghost baby’ sleeping right next to her son in the crib; it quickly went viral. But the truth got her laughing quite hard in the morning.

Maritza Elizabeth works as medical assistant at Edward Hospital & Health Services in Naperville, Illinois. You would have thought she’s a pro when it comes to seeing ghosts as she works at a hospital, but she certainly freaked out after seeing a ‘ghost baby’ in her son’s crib.

Photo credit: Maritza Elizabeth / Facebook

Of course, any mom would freak out if something creepy would appear next to their kids.

So, Maritza ran to her son’s room with a flashlight. She didn’t want to turn out the lights as her son might wake up. But she found nothing sleeping beside her son.

Despite not seeing anything, she checked the baby monitor and saw that the ‘ghost baby’ was still there! Creepy, right?

Needless to say, Maritza did not get much sleep that night as she worried about having ghost in the house that likes to sleep beside her son. Any mom would have the same thoughts, of course.

In the morning, she still couldn’t rest knowing there might be a ghost in her son’s crib. She investigated further, trying her best to find out how the ghost appeared in that bed.

Photo credit: Maritza Elizabeth / Facebook

But Maritza had a good laugh after removing the bedsheets to see the ‘ghost’ come life in the form of a baby’s picture printed on the mattress! It turned out her husband had forgotten to return the mattress protector after changing the crib’s bedsheets.

Since the light from the baby monitor shone through the bedsheet, Maritza saw the ‘ghost baby’ from the picture in that mattress! Whew. We could just imagine the huge sigh of relief she felt after discovering the truth about the ‘ghost’ sleeping beside her son. Whew!

Sources: Maritza Elizabeth / Facebook, Pedestrian TV