Mom Allows Kids to Buy New Phones, Makes Them Pay in “Hulugan” to Teach Responsibility

Would you buy your kids the latest cellphone models or simply let them pick they phones they wanted to have? While many parents do that and even pick the best phones they could afford for the kids, there are also parents who would rather give their children secondhand phones or let them pay for the brand-new phones they wanted!

For entrepreneur Michelle Mangahas, a single mom, buying a cellphone for their children is not a parent’s responsibility.

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I told my kids na hindi obligasyon ng magulang na bigyan ng phones ang anak nila. Ang obligasyon ko is to feed them and send them to school,” Mommy Michelle explained to her children.

Indeed, she feeds them well, send to private schools, and even bring them to trips in the Philippines and abroad, all without the support of her children’s dad. She could actually afford to buy the kids the latest models, but Mommy Michelle did not want to raise spoiled brats who feel entitled to whatever they want, just because their mom has money.

Although kaya ko naman sila bigyan, sinasabi ko sa kanila na ang daloy ng pera walang kasiguraduhan. Kailangan mag-ready sa posibleng panahon na walang gaanong income,” she further explained.

Photo credit: Smart Parenting

But the kids wanted her to buy them a new phone – and it is worth Php10,000! Mark, 14, complained about his phone (bought at Php2,700) took low quality photos while Mika, 11, just wanted a new because hers was 2 years old. Thankfully, Matthew, 6, didn’t join in the fray, but he is likely to ask for a new phone in some near future, too.

I told them I didn’t see a valid reason why a 14-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl would need such expensive phones. I also told them they already had phones, which should be enough for school research and a little bit of gaming,” Mommy Michelle narrated.

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Some months later, however, Mark’s phone broke – and Mommy Michelle faces the dilemma of picking another cheap phone or letting him have the model he wanted. For sure, Mika would also want a new phone. She later relented, but under the condition that the kids will have to pay her back for the phone.

While she didn’t set a specific deadline for the kids, Mommy Michelle told them that she was serious in her deal and would ask them for payment. The kids agreed to pay her back in a “hulugan” (installment) scheme, whenever they can.

They didn’t complain at all. They think na it was a favor kaysa naman mag-ipon sila at saka pa lang bibili. Now they can enjoy their phones already,” she shared.

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But what if the kids stop paying her back? Well, she’s confident they actually would, despite not having a set deadline!

Hindi ko sila tatantanan!” she joked.

She proudly announced that her kids had actually made payments on their installment plan. Mark and Mika had Php3,700 and Php5,000 in savings, respectively. They used their savings as downpayment for the phones.

Then, they paid their mom from the rewards they receive from her or their relatives, particularly when they get good grades or became honor students for the grading period/term. They also use part of their allowance as payment; though it is Mika who saves more from her allowance than Mark even if she only receives Php100 while Mark gets Php120.

Photo credit: Smart Parenting

Last month, Mika got Php 1,000 each from me and from my mom for ending the school year with honors, so hinulog niya sa akin lahat ‘yun,” Mommy Michelle shared on Smart Parenting.

Mark has a harder time sa paghuhulog. Sabi niya malakas siyang kumain ‘di hamak sa kapatid niya, so mas kaunti natitira sa baon niya.

What do you think of this mom’s “hulugan” payment scheme for her kids? Brilliant, isn’t it?