Mom Allegedly Abandons Kids Outside Mang Inasal after Telling Them She’s Buying an Umbrella

A mother who told her two kids she’s just buying an umbrella left them outside a Mang Inasal outlet but the kids began crying some 5 hours later because they were already hungry and scared.

Myleen DelosReyes De Villar shared photos of the children taken outside Mang Inasal in People’s Park, Valenzuela City.

According to De Villar, some passersby grew concerned after seeing the kids crying outside the fast food outlet. As they were by themselves, some adults would soon ask where they were from and where their parents were.

Photo credit: Myleen DelosReyes De Villar / Facebook

The older kid told the concerned passersby that they were from Tondo but had arrived at the Mang Inasal outlet at around 6 AM with their mother. But their mother told them to stay out outside the store as she would buy an umbrella.

Photo credit: Myleen DelosReyes De Villar / Facebook

The kids trusted their mother and stayed put but because they didn’t have breakfast, they would soon grow hungry. By lunchtime the kids were too hungry and fearful of where their mother was; thus, they began crying, drawing the passersby’s attention.

The staff and some passersby took pity on the kids, giving them food. Many hoped the mother would come back soon to collect them. De Villar posted the kids’ photos on Facebook, sharing that she was concerned about the kids and hoped that someone could help them find their mother.

Photo credit: Myleen DelosReyes De Villar / Facebook

According to the post by De Villar, the kids wanted to go home but had no idea how to do it by themselves, considering the Tondo was quite far from Valenzuela City.

Some netizens believe that the mother had purposely abandoned the kids at that spot, especially because they had a chair; netizens commented that the chair couldn’t have been provided by the store as it was child-sized.

We hope these kids are reunited with their parents soon…

Photo credit: Myleen DelosReyes De Villar / Facebook

Source: TNPMyleen DelosReyes De Villar / Facebook