Miniature Artists Carve Mind-Blowing Work of Art from Graphite Pencil Leads

True-blooded artists can make use of very many things as medium such as clay, rock, canvass and paint, wood, metal, materials such as cloth, plastics, and a lot more. And for sculptors Dalton Ghetti, Salavat Fidai, Jasenko Dordevic, Cerkahegyzo, and Diem Chau, they all share something in common: they use graphite pencil leads to create unbelievably fascinating sculptures. Yes. PENCILS.

These sculptors of miniature works of art intricately carve their best pieces on pencil tips. It is quite astonishing how very detailed carves are done on such very small medium. And looking at the pieces, you will be convinced that pencils are not only used as an artist’s tool to create a masterpiece, but can rather be altered to become the masterpiece itself.

Let us look at some jaw-dropping sculptures made by the five prominent miniature artists. After this, we might be looking at pencils at a different perspective.

Pencil Sculpture by: DALTON GHETTI Photo Credit:
Pencil Sculpture by: DALTON GHETTI
Photo Credit:

“These Dalton Ghetti works of art are amazingly stunning.”