Megan Young describes her relationship with Mikael Daez as ‘exploring, discovering, creating’

Miss World 2013 and Kapuso actress Megan Young and Kapuso actor Mikael Daez have been together for eight years already.

On May 19, 2019, she posted a photo of their recent Iceland trip on Instagram. In the caption, she described their relationship in three words—exploring, discovering, and creating.

Image by Megan Young via Instagram

“Exploring. The first trip we ever took together was January 10, 2010. That trip to Hong Kong was only the beginning – and it’s a trip that I will never forget. We had so many funny and unforgettable moments,” she wrote.

Before the couple admitted their relationship, they identified each other as travel buddies. They often posted their photos during travels together. It was only in 2017 when they admitted their seven-year relationship.

Image by Megan Young via Instagram

“Discovering. We discovered our love for travel. I had traveled before but your love for adventure always trickles down to me. I’ll admit that sometimes I question the crazy ideas you have, being the scaredy cat that I am, but I always trust them because you always mean well and you always want to learn something new.”

The couple are certified travel junkies. They have been to several countries including Singapore, South Africa, and Japan. They also do not forget to explore different places in the Philippines including La Union, Culibra Island in Pangasinan, and Secret Beach in Subic Bay.

Image by Megan Young via Instagram

“Creating. We’ve created our own travel habits. We now know what we like the most when we travel – coffee coffee coffee. I love that it’s coffee that makes us happy and energetic, that it completed the morning just before we’re off on an adventure. I love that this is us.”

They are also a certified creative and productive couple. They create and produce vlogs and podcasts featuring their travel habits.

Image by Megan Young via Instagram

She ended her post by saying that their relationship is a never-ending process. They always create something new every now and then that helps them learn more about themselves and each other.

To more travels together, Megan and Mikael!

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