Matteo Confirms Wedding in Italy, Keeps Details a Secret

Matteo Guidicelli confirms his wedding with Sarah Geronimo in Italy, but keeps details a secret – perhaps to avoid a repeat of the bad experience they had with the first one?

Even before their now much-publicized ‘secret’ wedding, there had been reports of Matteo and Sarah planning to tie the knot in Italy.

But if the blind item on Fashion Pulis is to be believed, Mommy Divine and Daddy Delfin were allegedly giving the young couple a hard time as they refused to have their papers processed for the wedding. By now, however, netizens know that such could have been true because the older Geronimos don’t want their daughter to marry Matteo.

Photo credit: Panay News

Now that Sarah and Matteo are officially married, there’s nothing that Mommy Divine can do to stop their union. They could have a grand church wedding anywhere – and she wouldn’t have the right to stop that now.

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But many netizens (and surely the young couple) are hoping that Mommy Divine would have a change of heart and, finally, accept the newlyweds so they can have the wedding of their dreams, with both their parents at their respective sides.

Here’s an interview on ABS-CBN just a week after the ‘secret’ wedding, with Matteo obviously so happy that he is now married to Sarah:

In the video, Matteo thanked the public for supporting their marriage and offering their moral support. He confirmed that the wedding in Italy will push through but laughed when asked whether this would happen in March. He obviously wants to keep it a secret.

However, there are reports that the grand wedding in Italy will happen ‘soon’, particularly because the couple had reportedly paid the suppliers. Surely, they would push through with that happy moment, right? But many are wondering whether Mommy Divine would finally be in attendance…

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We definitely hope they can sort this one as soon as possible and that Mommy Divine will truly be at the wedding, finally giving her blessing to Sarah and Matteo!