Marcelito Worries About Simon’s Song Choice for “AGT The Champions” Finals in Now-Deleted Video

Everyone is impressed with Marcelito Pomoy’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast” in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”, 2020 Edition, except Simon Cowell who called the song as “predictable”! Simon got the ire of fans and was booed by the audience.

Even Alesha Dixon openly disagreed with him, asking how he even thought “Beauty and the Beast” is “predictable” at all.

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You are a very nice, very talented guy, I gotta tell you. You really, really are – and this is even better than the last performance you did. Much, much better! However, if it was my choice, on a night like this, I would have done something less predictable,” Simon began…

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How was that predictable? How was that predictable???” Alesha interrupted, definitely flabbergasted by Simon’s comment.

The songs he’s chosen. The very safe, the kind of, you know… I get it they are popular songs but I just think that tonight if he had done something out of his comfort zone, like a shock to everybody. Like “My God he’s chosen this song!” That would have given you another moment because I think you’ve got a massive career in front of you. I really, really do!” Simon explained further.

Marcelito Revealed Simon’s Song Choice

Simon slammed Marcelito’s song choice as “predictable” but an earlier vlog by the Pinoy singer appeared to reveal that it was actually Simon who picked his song for the finals! In fact, Marcelito felt apprehensive about the song, explaining that he doesn’t feel like the song was good enough for the finals but can’t do anything about it because the song was chosen for him.

Photo credit: Marcelito Pomoy / Twitter – @qilb3rt

Guys, meron akong magandang balita sa inyo na meron nang napiling kanta, guys. Pero sila ang pumili nun, hindi po ako. Pero kung sa tingin ni Simon ay ito ang nababagay sa akin, well, wala na akong magagawa dun kasi yun ang napili niya, eh. Kung yung mga musician nga ay hindi sila puedeng sumuway dun kay Simon. For me, hindi talaga siya pang-contest,” Marcelito told fans in a vlog that was later deleted after he was reportedly told by the production team to take it down.

Photo credit: Marcelito Pomoy / Twitter – @qilb3rt

Simon looks visibly unimpressed throughout Marcelito’s performance, but fans simply think he’s acting out because he had allegedly picked the song on purpose, knowing it won’t be as impressive as the others. Many are calling AGT as a ‘cooking show’ because the results are already ‘cooked’ by Simon.

Others are angry that the show keeps on posting Marcelito’s performances in advance, for the views and to keep fans talking, yet they won’t let him win just because he is a Filipino, not an American.

Photo credit: Marcelito Pomoy / Twitter – @qilb3rt

It’s America’s Got Talent. @SimonCowell please include in the criteria of your show, that’s only American’s are allowed.#AGTsucks,” one angry fan commented.

Clearly using pinoys for views and money period,” another agreed.

What is AGT? That’s america’s got talent.. So a talent from America will surely wins… Marcelito is no doubt a mountain of talent s but he is not an American.. What can we expect..” another wrote.

Twitter user @qilb3rt shares the video that was later taken down by Marcelito in response to the AGT production team’s request. Calls for #JusticeForMarcelito ring on Twitter.


Simon Cowell did it again. He chose Marcelito Pomoy’s song and had the audacity to react negatively. A clear sabotage. Why am I not surprised? #AGTChampions,” one commented.

A singer is an artist plain and simple and to restrict an artist by choosing the song they are not comfortable with is like telling Monet to paint a blank canvas with only one color and tone. Then criticize his work for being unimaginative and monotonous! This is outrageous,” another observed.

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