Marcelito Pomoy Impresses the World with ‘The Prayer’ on the ‘Ellen Show’

When Marcelito Pomoy first appeared on TV, he surprised Filipinos with his unique talent wherein he can sing both a male tenor and a female soprano. What’s remarkable about him is that he’s straight. A lot of gays do the female falsetto to be more feminine but very few could sing so beautifully in both male and female voices when he/she is straight.

For his amazing talent, Marcelito went home as the grand prize winner for Season 2 of “Pilipinas Got Talent” back in 2011. Many Filipinos, including Marcelito, hoped that he would be featured on the “Ellen Show” as Ellen DeGeneres often invites those with unique talents to perform on the show.

Photo credit: Ellen DeGeneres / Facebook

But the years passed and nothing happened. This year, Marcelito received an email from the show but he had been waiting for this mail for so long that when it did arrive, he thought it was a joke. On the show, he admitted that he refused to believe it was real until the tickets finally arrived in the mail.

Photo credit: Ellen DeGeneres / Facebook

Proud of his Filipino heritage, Marcelito spoke Filipino on the show and chose to bring an interpreter. This became a subject of much debate back home. Some people criticized him for having an interpreter because Pinoys are known for being good in English; whoever, many were actually happy that he chose to speak in Filipino.

Photo credit: Ellen DeGeneres / Facebook

How about we appreciate his talent more than his choice of speaking in English? besides, the Filipino language is so nice to listen to,” netizen Genesis Diocares Ramos wrote.

I loved it! The fact that he brought a translator. So happy to finally hear my native language being spoken in a big show like Ellen,” Mel Pagaduan also approved.

But we agree with his fans; it doesn’t matter whether he speaks good English or not, it’s his talent that’s being featured on the show – and it was awesome talent, indeed!

Photo credit: Ellen DeGeneres / Facebook

Marcelito chose to sing “The Prayer”, a duet by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. The studio audience were rather shocked when he sang Celine’s parts with a very convincing female soprano voice!

It was a duet but you would think there were two people, a man and a woman, singing the song. The audience gave him a standing ovation!

You are not gonna believe this voice. He’s his own duet,” Ellen captioned the video.

But Ellen and her audience were not the only ones impressed by Marcelito’s performance. Just 2 days after the video was uploaded on Facebook, it has gained over 5 million views! The world was definitely impressed by Marcelito’s performance. We hope this would be his big break in the international scene…

Check out his performance on the show in this video: