Man’s ‘Stolen’ Wallet Found by Police 14 Years Later, Money Intact But Now Unusable

Have you lost something and forgotten about it, only to find it many months later? Well, one guy lost a wallet that he thought was stolen while he was riding a train. But the cops found it 14 years later, with the money still intact inside! Wow.

Hermant Padelkar discovered the loss of his wallet while traveling on a CSMT-Panvel local train near Vashi in India. This was back in 2006. Thinking that it was stolen, Padelkar filed a police report when he reached his stop.

According to Padelkar, he had some money inside the wallet plus identification cards. In the police report, Padelkar said he had a Rs 900 ($12) and a Rs 500 ($6.70) note in the wallet. While it’s not much, the money was all he had and for Padelkar, it was already a big amount!

Back in April 2020, the Government Railway Police found the wallet! Using the identification cards inside, they were able to reach Padelkar.

Photo credit: Mumbai Mirror

I followed this issue aggressively, but after a few months, I forgot about it. In April, when I got a call from the Vash GRP, I was really surprised,” Padelkar admitted.

Since there are travel restrictions, Padelkar was unable to immediately claim the wallet at the police station in April but was finally able to do it in August.

He received both good news and bad news.

The wallet showed signs of age, but the money was still intact – that is the good news. The bad news is that he can’t use the money! Since he lost the wallet 14 years ago, the bills inside had long been demonetized and are no longer legal tender.

Though he can’t use the cash, at least he has a remembrance from 14 years ago and has also gone viral for being that man who lost his wallet and got it back 14 years later! That rarely happens!