#ManilaBayChallenge Trends after People Flocked to Manila Bay for Photos of White Beach

The Manila Bay is well known for its beautiful sunsets. But it is also a sad reality that the coast is no longer so picture perfect due to the trash scattered along the shores.

Things are looking bright and literally white for the Manila Bay (well, a portion of it, anyway) after the government dumped crushed dolomite rocks to create a beautiful white beach.

Photo credit: Don Sanglay / Facebook

This lovely white beach drew mixed reactions from netizens, with many admiring the new view but others criticizing the government for the beautification project that cost a lot of money. There were many saying that the government should have used the money for other purposes, such as more funds against COVID-19 or more books for kids.

Yet there were also a lot who favored the beautification project, saying that this is one way to bring back tourists to Manila Bay. Some begged to differ, but when the government opened part of the beach to the public on Sunday, thousands flocked to the spot to take pictures.

Photo credit: Christine Empacis / Facebook

Crowds arrived, ignoring social distancing protocols. Some were not even wearing face masks! It looked like it was just another ordinary day, pre-COVID times.

Photo credit: Ejay Duay

Photos of the crowd went viral on social media, sparking the #ManilaBayChallenge. In this challenge, people use to crowd photos in a collage alongside their own beach photos. Some were hilarious but others were also serious. Many of the netizens who participated in the challenge picked their favorite beach photos.

Photo credit: Iggy Acosta / Facebook

The #ManilaBayChallenge trended on both Twitter and Facebook. Have you already passed your entry? LOL.