Man Upholds 30-Year Promise, Splits $22 Million with Best Friend after Winning Lottery

Some 30 years ago, two best friends promised each other that if anyone wins the lottery, they will split the winnings equally, 50-50! So, when one of them won $22 million, he readily shared the win with the other one, just as promised! Wow.

It was back in 1992 when Thomas Cook and Joseph Feeney shook hands as they promised each other to split any future lottery win, no matter who bought the ticket. They did not write a formal contract but simply shook hands after making the deal.

Thomas and Joseph remained the best of friends as the years went by. They enjoyed hanging out with each other and would often go on road trips or vacations together.

Photo credit: Wisconsin State Lottery

Every week, they would also buy a lottery ticket. For them, buying a lottery ticket was just something they did for fun and out of habit, but they did not really expect to win.

They’ve been doing this for so long that when Thomas actually won, he said he just ‘froze’!

It was quite an experience when I read those first two or three numbers. I kind of froze and handed them to [his wife] and she froze,” Thomas said.

He added that they never really thought they would win but when he actually did, he quickly called Joseph to tell him the good news that they are now both millionaires! But his best friend thought he was getting pranked. LOL.

Photo credit: Wisconsin State Lottery

The best friends claimed the win together, accompanied by their wives. Everyone’s just so happy about the windfall.

Now that they are both millionaires, the best friends plan to retire for good and simply enjoy more time with their respective families, especially now that they already have great grandchildren. Since they’ve always been doing their road trips on a smaller vehicle, they plan on buying something bigger and more comfortable.

We can pursue what we feel comfortable with. I can’t think of a better way to retire,” Thomas said.

Photo credit: Wisconsin State Lottery

Asked why he still chose to split the money despite not having a written contract with his best friend, Thomas replied, “A handshake is a handshake!

Of course, winning the lottery is wonderful but keeping your promise with your best friend – that’s priceless!