Man Parks Vehicle On Top of Sidewalk, Internet Reacts

It is a hot topic online regarding how people with vehicles would behave. There have been a few cases where a person with a vehicle feels like he “owns the road” and that they would disregard pedestrians and such.

Driving your vehicle is one thing, but parking is a whole different matter. Arguments have started when drivers would try to get a parking slot. It was also a hot topic when people would try to “save” a parking space by standing in it while they wait for their vehicle to come by. This lead to one shopping mall implementing a rule where this practice will not be allowed anymore.

A post in Facebook in a group that shows sloppy parking featured a certain truck that parked in a place where it shouldn’t be. The silver truck was shown perched on top of the sidewalk in a certain parking lot in Bacolod. It would be clear that the place is is not meant for parking and that the driver may have forced his way up on it.

The netizen that posted the picture also noticed that the truck didn’t have a license plate on it. Though the pictures only showed the rear part of the truck, it would be safe to assume that the front of it doesn’t have it as well, or may have a temporary placeholder.

The person who made the post was upset with what she saw and she pointed out that the place where the truck was parked was where students would usually pass through. She also mentioned that the person “may have money to buy a high-end truck but not common sense.”

The post has been shared for more than 500 times, and everyone that saw the post were agreeing that the way the truck was parked.

You can view the Facebook post by clicking here.