Man Caught Riding a Motorcycle While Wearing THIS as an Improvised Helmet

Riding a motorcycle is quite dangerous. Compared to any other vehicle, you are supposed to balance yourself on a vehicle with only two wheels and compared to a car, you don’t have any other protection for your body. The only thing that you can try to do is wear safety gear and one of the most important to wear is a helmet.

Helmets protect a person’s head. It’s been known to have saved a person’s life with vehicular accidents that involve motorcycles when the person may have hit their head hard. Numerous casualties have been attributed to a motorcycle rider not wearing a helmet.

Traffic rules now state that a motorcycle rider is required to wear a helmet. If one is caught not wearing one, they will be apprehended and fined. Passengers are also required to wear helmets.

It was a viral video around a year ago when a woman was caught not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. When asked why she was not wearing it, she then said they had food stored in it. It became a meme then for quite some time where people always say that helmets are for food, not for the head.

Just recently though, a video taken in Tuguegarao showed a passenger of a motorcycle rider wearing a very unusual helmet.

The man, identified later as Rodolfo Chavez, Jr., was caught by traffic enforcers for violating their No Helmet, No Travel city ordinance. Instead of an actual helmet, he used a stainless steel cooking pot with a wad of towel inside as an improvised helmet.

In the video, the enforcer was writing his ticket and then there were a few shouts from the onlookers. Chavez took the pot and then placed it on his head to show how he was going to use it as a helmet. The enforcer was amused but he still continued writing the ticket.

Republic Act No. 10054 states that all motorcycle riders must wear a standard protective helmet and will be apprehended if they don’t. Clearly for this case, the headgear used was not standard.

You can watch the video here:

Ganito kami sa tuegegarao kaldiro ginawang helmet

Posted by Saidie Usman Bani on Sunday, July 7, 2019