Man Buys Abandoned Locker from ‘Storage Wars’ for $500, Finds $7.5 Million Inside

On ‘Storage Wars’, a group of people bid on abandoned storage lockers – as new owners of the locker, they get to keep what’s inside the locker.

Because these people only get to see the lockers’ contents from the outside, they base their bid on what they believe might be hidden inside those boxes. Most times, the lockers are really just filled with unused stuff such as clothes and old appliances but there are times when they find something valuable inside, such as rare collectibles and jewelry!

Photo credit: Dan And Laura Dotson / Facebook

Recently, however, the show’s auctioneer Dan Dotson and his wife Laura revealed something incredible: someone who bought a locker from the show for $500 actually found a safe inside that contained $7.5 million! Wow.

Photo credit: Dan And Laura Dotson / Facebook

According to Dan, an old lady approached him while he was attending the Cars, Stars, and Rock N’ Roll charity event in Indio, California. The old woman had a rather awesome story to tell.

My husband works for a guy and he bought a unit from you for $500 and it had a safe in it,” the woman told Dan.

The first person that they called to open the safe couldn’t, or didn’t. They called a second person and when that person opened it up—inside the safe, normally they’re empty, but this time it wasn’t empty. It had $7.5 million cash inside.

Photo credit: Dan And Laura Dotson / Facebook

It was truly an exciting find, isn’t it? But the new owners weren’t able to splurge on the cash because shortly after, an attorney arrived in behalf of the old owners. They were offered $600k in exchange for the locker’s contents.

Of course, the new owners refused – they had rights to the locker now! But the attorney doubled the offer and the new owners finally agreed to take the $1.2 million, returning the rest to the old owners.

Photo credit: Dan And Laura Dotson / Facebook

Many netizens were curious as to why the locker owners were not able to pay for the storage unit, considering they had that huge amount of cash inside! This led to speculations that this was ‘bad money’ and the new owners were wise to accept the cash offer to keep their lives safe. Do you agree?

Sources: NTD NewsDan And Laura Dotson / Facebook