Filipino boyband SB19 gets nominated for “Top Social Artist” in Billboard Music Awards 2021

  • Filipino boyband SB19 was nominated for the category “Top Social Artist” in 2021 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs)
  • SB19 is the first Filipino and Southeast Asian group who got nominated in the BBMAs, making a history in the Filipino music industry
  • Filipino-American vlogger Bretman Rock made the announcement of the finalists for this category, and was followed by a celebration of SB19’s fans on Twitter

SB19 is a quintet Pinoy Pop (P-Pop) boyband who debuted in 2018, and since then, has become  one of the hottest bands in the country. The group likewise continue to have increasing popularity across the international scene.

Photo credit: SB19 Official / Twitter

Despite being considered as a newbie in the music industry, the rising popularity of SB19 is outstanding following their top rankings on the Billboard charts last year. On July 21, 2020, as posted on Billboard’s Twitter account, SB19 was seen at the third spot for the week’s Top 10 list of the Billboard Social 50 Chart.

Last year’s ranking of SB19 in the Billboard Charts was behind South Korean big groups like BTS and EXO, and included in the list were other K-Pop groups BLACKPINK, NCT and TXT.

Fast forward to April 29, 2021, the P-Pop group was announced to be one of the finalists of the BBMAs Top Social Artist category. The announcement was made by Filipino-American vlogger Bretman Rock who proudly mentioned that the SB19  members are Filipinos just like him.

SB19 is the first-ever Filipino and Southeast Asian act who got nominated in the Billboard Music Awards.

Photo credit: SB19 Official / Twitter

SB19 also posted the nomination on their Twitter page and shared their immense gratitude to their supporters. They specifically mentioned their fandom “A’TIN (pronounced as eighteen) who has been their biggest support system since their debut. The group likewise proudly raised the Philippine flag in their official statement about the nomination.

Following this historical moment, fans were thrilled and made the group’s nomination trending in Twitter with hashtags #SB19forBBMAs and #SB19forBBMAs2021.

Alongside SB19, the other finalists of the category are K-Pop groups BLACKPINK, BTS and Seventeen, and American Pop star Ariana Grande.

Photo credit: SB19 Official / Twitter

The Billboard Music Awards 2021 will go live on May 23, and the voting will start on May 10.


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