Maid Overpaid by HK$1,000 (Php6,300) Earns Praise for Returning the Extra Money

A maid in Hong Kong who was recently overpaid by HK$1,000 (Php6,300) earned praise for returning the extra money. Whether her employer had honestly been too absentminded to give her the extra cash or was just trying to test her honesty, other domestic helpers and netizens said it was best that she returned the money, anyway.

Jybhel Marie Oribio earns HK$4,520 (Php28,200) a month. Getting the extra HK$1,000 (Php6,300) is really quite a big bonus, but knowing that it was given to her by mistake (or test), she did not feel tempted to keep the cash.

Nakita ko po kasi na parang napadami yung inabot niya sa akin, kasi siya po ang nagbilang habang nasa kusina ako at naghuhugas ng pinggan,” Jybhel explained.

The 34-year-old single mom could surely make use of the extra money, but she immediately handed the extra cash back to her employer after taking a picture of what she received.

Sabi ko po kay Ma’am, ‘Thank you po, Ma’am, pero ibabalik ko po yung perang binigay nyo kasi sobra po, hindi po ito ang eksaktong sahod ko,’” she narrated.

Photo credit: The Sun Hong Kong

According to Jybhel, her employer counted the money again and laughed. The employer laughed again and repeatedly thanked her for her honesty.

Sinundan pa ako sa room ko para mag-thank you ulit,” Jybhel she added.

After sharing her experience, many domestic helpers said that she did the right thing. A lot believed that she was just being tested but Jybhel said she feels that it really was just an honest mistake. While her previous employers had been stingy and often seemed distrustful, this second employers are kind and appear to be genuine.

A single mom, Jybhel said she has been working for over a year with this second employer and her child so she could support her own daughter, 16, back in the Philippines.