Maid Cooks Dumplings for the First Time, Ties Them with Thread Following Boss’ Text

A maid who cooked dumplings for the first time recently went viral after using thread to tie them up – but she was just following her boss’ instructions!

It all began when the maid who works in Singapore sent a message to her boss, asking what he food he wanted to eat. He asked whether he knew how cook something she could not understand but she later discovered to be dumplings after using Google translate.

She had no idea how to make dumplings but the obedient maid did not complain as she was willing to learn. Since it really is so easy to find recipes on the internet these days, the maid was able to find something to copy.

Photo credit: Singapore Incidents / Facebook

But her boss had a strict instruction, “Remember to tie them tightly.

So, the maid did as he instructed. She found some thread and tied the dumplings tightly! Some 3 hours later, the maid sent her boss a picture of the dumplings she made –and it surprised him so much to see the thread on the dumplings that he shared the convo and the photo of the dumplings on Facebook page Singapore Incidents.

The employer was not sure whether he would laugh or get angry at the dumplings his maid created, but netizens think it was his fault that she used the thread. She was just taking the instruction literally and had no idea how to tie the dumplings. After all, do you really tie dumplings?

Photo credit: Singapore Incidents / Facebook

Had himself to blame.. who uses ‘tie them tight’ to describe dumplings..” a netizen pointed out.

“‘Remember to tie them tight’ the maid just follow your instruction. 😀 She is smart though. 😀,” another netizen commented.

To be fair, the dumplings look good and the stitches are very neat 😎🤩,” one praised the maid’s handiwork.

Former med student making dumplings..😆 Good Job!” another joked.


Source: Singapore Incidents / Facebook