Loving Uncle Saved Salary to Buy Nephew’s Toys, Receives Brand-New SUV 15 Years Later

A loving uncle who saved his salary to buy his nephew a toy he always wanted would receive something much grander in return, in the form of a brand-new SUV about 15 years later when the kid became successful!

Growing up poor at his hometown in China, Steven Elliott Ng could only look on at other kids who were playing with their gadgets because his parents could not afford to buy him any. He didn’t feel envious, but he wished that someday he could also have one.

Steven finally got the toy he wished for, a PS2, when an uncle found a job. At the time, his uncle had a job that gave him a salary of $400. Instead of buying something for himself, his uncle saved enough money to get his nephew that PS2 – and the boy understood the sacrifice and never forgot about it.

Even though he was still a kid, Steven promised his uncle that he would repay the gift someday. His uncle laughed this off as he had given the boy that PS2 because he loved him, not thinking about getting anything in return.

Fast forward to 15 years later, Steven got his uncle a brand-new SUV!

It turned out that Steven is now a successful businessman. So successful, in fact, that he is listed in Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” in 2018 for running Elliott Havok, a brand that sells high-end watches and wallets.

He certainly could buy anything he wants now – and he didn’t forget his uncle who saved his small salary to make a poor little nephew happy. While the brand-new SUV didn’t come until 15 years later when the kid became successful, it’s still a wonderful gift that he didn’t expect to receive!

It’s great how the kindness he sowed reaped this amazing reward in the future…

Source: Next Shark