Loyal Dog Copies Injured Owner’s Limp in Surprising Show of Sympathy

We all know that dogs are loyal animals. But one guy from the United Kingdom discovered that these animals can also be empathic after spending $400 on his limping pet’s treatment, only to learn that the dog was actually just copying his injury!

Photo credit: Russell Jones / Facebook

Russell Jones injured his right leg in an accident. He had to wear a cast; thus, he walked around with a limp.

A day after the accident, Russell’s wife Michelle noticed that their dog Billy was also walking with a limp. Thinking that their dog might have been injured in the yard when they weren’t watching, the couple decided to bring it to the vet for treatment.

Photo credit: Russell Jones / Facebook

They had to spend $400 in x-rays and vet fees, only to discover that the dog was perfectly fine. Apparently, the dog was just limping as a show of sympathy for his injured owner! Isn’t that so sweet?

Basically the next day [after breaking his ankle] as I was limping around the house, Michelle noticed that he was sort of copying me. That rose the concern that there might be something wrong with him, so we phoned the vet,” said Russell.

Because of social distancing, he walked in [to the vets] normally, and when he came out they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Then again he started limping, so Michelle filmed it.

Photo credit: Russell Jones / Facebook

The couple added that they soon saw Billy jumping around in the yard, having fun and not showing any limp at all – but only when he thinks nobody is watching. When the dog went back inside the house, it was limping again. LOL.

A lot of netizens thought it was sweet of the dog to do this. But others were skeptical of the vet’s results, saying that there is no way a dog can fake an injury and that it might be injured with something that is too small to see on x-ray, such as a thorn…

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