Lorin Gutierrez Gives Classy Response to Critic Who Told Her to ‘Cover up’

Time flies so fast! It seems like it was only yesterday when Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughters, Lorin and Venice, were young girls. Today, they are already growing into fine women who are slowly attracting the public’s attention.

The eldest, Lorin, is now a 15-year-old teen who is having the time of her life. Just like her mom, Lorin’s beauty and grace have captivated people. In fact, she has more than 160,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Just like her beauty queen mother, Lorin was also born with a natural knack for fashion and style. Without a doubt, Lorin knows just what to wear to accentuate her features.

Image via Instagram / Lorin Gutierrez

She’s also not afraid to bare a little skin every now and then. According to Lorin, her family has never been restrictive about what she should wear. This gives her the freedom to follow her own sense of style without protestations from her mother or grandmother, who is known for being a mom-manager.

However, it seems like not all people approved of Lorin’s fashion sense.

Recently, the 15-year-old has attracted mixed reactions from the netizens after posting a photo of her bikini body while vacationing in Thailand. In a now-deleted comment, a netizen advised Lorin to cover up:

“Itago mo yang katawan mo iha. Dapat may pinaglalaanan yan na special na tao. Wag mong ipagkalandakan.”

Image via Instagram / Lorin Gutierrez

But Lorin wasn’t having any of it. In a powerful response, Lorin lectured her critic an important lesson about confidence:

“Girls should be able to choose whether they want to be more conservative or showy depending on what they feel comfortable with. Not for a ‘special na tao’ because that special person, whoever they may be, doesn’t own me and should be ok with me being confident in my own skin.”

Lorin’s classy response has earned the praises and support of her fans.

Indeed, with her mindful insight Lorin proved that she is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.