LOOK: Realizing that a Regular Bridge Will Cost Them More, The Dutch Built a Water Bridge… And It’s Awesome!

You really have to admire the great minds of the engineers and architects who built Veluwemeer Aqueduct to connect the artificial island of Flevoland to the Netherlands mainland because this awesome bridge is not like most bridges because it is filled with water! But why?

First, you have to understand that the government wanted to connect Flevoland to the mainland without people needing to ride a ferry to get there or for them to even leave their cars in either island.

But while a tunnel or a regular bridge would be the most common approach to solve the problem, such structures would take a longer time to build – and they are quite costly, too! Moreover, they also have to ensure that boats can various water vehicles can still pass through that patch of water.

Photo credit: Bright Side ME / Fine Art America
Photo credit: Bright Side ME / Fine Art America

So, instead of making a tall, regular bridge to connect the islands and allow cars to pass through, the Dutch engineers thought it would be better to make a water bridge to allow boats to pass instead! So, how do the cars pass through? Well, the answer lies at the bottom of the bridge, literally!

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