LOOK: Creative Pinay Mommy Creates Dreamy Play Kitchen for Daughter Using Cardboard Boxes!

Kids love to play games of make-believe – and they can have lots of fun with just pieces of sticks, unused kitchen items, and various stuff that we adults might not consider as ‘toys’ for kids. Thankfully, there are parents who indulge their children’s fantasies and even help them out by making the kids their own fortress, forest, ‘sea’, castle, etc.

In the Philippines, there’s this creative mom who made the dreamiest play kitchen for her daughter out of old pieces of cardboard boxes! Can you believe that what started as a couple of boring boxes turned out into a beautiful kitchen that looks even more stunning that kitchens in real homes?


Photo credit: Bright Side ME and Rodessa Villanueva Reyes
Photo credit: Bright Side ME and Rodessa Villanueva Reyes

Of course, most of the pieces are make-believe and this kitchen probably didn’t last a very long time, possibly just a couple of weeks, but it simply proves that this artistic mom is willing to do anything and everything to keep her kid happy!

I wish I could also create such a beautiful kitchen for our home… not for the kids but for me!

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