Look: Baby Tries to Get Food in the Cutest Way

Babies are cute and adorable. Since they are still at the stage where they would learn from what they see around them they may suddenly pick up a certain mannerism that makes them even cuter to look at. Parents today are lucky to have smartphones ready and at hand so that when such a moment happens, they’ll be ready to record it and remember it, just like what one mother did.

A Facebook account with the name Eeanprill Franquelli has a post that shows their baby wanting a share of the food that she was seeing. The account, which is actually owned by the mother Priscilla Leith, shared numerous pictures and videos of their baby, but this one takes the cake.

The video has the caption “I want spaghetti” and they show baby Eeanprill being supported behind a man that was eating from a plate that he was holding. While he was busy eating, the video and everyone nearby was focused on what the baby was doing.

Every now and the, baby Eeanprill would stick her tongue out clearly to the direction of the food. The man continued eating and was also laughing along with everyone in the room, while the baby continued to do what she was doing, looking like she wants to have a bit of the food, too.

The Facebook account itself has a lot of pictures and videos of baby Eeanprill. One particular video showed her on all fours and she was already sticking her tongue out every now and then in it. There was also another video that showed her posing with her chin resting in her hand.

They also made a YouTube account for baby Eeanprill. The account only has four videos so far, with the first video showing the original “I Want Spaghetti” video.

As of this writing, the video in Facebook has over 79,000 reactions, has been shared more than 100,000 times, and has been viewed more than 6,800,000 times.

You can watch the video in Facebook by clicking here.