Local home bakers in Quezon join forces to open a community pantry that offers cakes and pastries

  • Local home bakers in Candelaria, Quezon gathered together to open the “Community Cakes and Pastries Pantry”
  • The pantry offered 1,000 cakes and pastries that came from 30 home bakers of Barangay Poblacion in Candelaria
  • This community pantry project was spearheaded by a group of friends: Roxanne Ornoza, Inna Isabel Alegre and Kiana Henson

The “Community Cakes and Pastries Pantry” which offers cakes and pastry goods opened in Candelaria, Quezon, and was considered as one of the unique community pantries that opened in April.

Photo credit: GOOD FOOD by: ABBEY / Facebook

Following the opening of Maginhawa Community Pantry in Quezon City, we have seen different community pantries that opened across the country offering different types of goods and even services. This campaign has not only showcased the true spirit of bayanihan, but likewise displayed how Filipinos are creative and resourceful to make sure that they can contribute to this advocacy.

Community Cakes and Pastries Pantry was organized and participated by 30 home bakers in Barangay Poblacion of Candelaria Municipality. They offered 1,000 different cakes and pastry goods which were consumed in only less than an hour. There were about 200 people who lined up, but maintained the social distancing. The organizers did not expect that it will get sold out that fast.

In a Kapamilya interview to one of the organizers, Inna Isabel Alegre, she shared that the participating home bakers spent two days to prepare the pastry goods. She also mentioned that their campaign was like a potluck where the participants can share what they were able to make. Furthermore, they successfully baked more goods, thanks to suppliers who gave them main ingredients like eggs, cake flour and sugar.

Photo credit: Mia’s Sweet Delights / Facebook

Roxanne Ornoza, one of the organizers, also shared that they chose to offer pastries which are different from the offerings of other community pantries because they believe that sweets help in alleviating stress, especially during this time of pandemic. Also, this group of friends primarily used their talent in baking to deliver joy to people.

Aside from the unique idea of this community pantry, the organizers also added funny captions on their stalls. There were reminders for people to maintain physical distancing and wearing of face masks, and they also added captions like “Kumain ayon sa Diabetes”, “Kumain ayon sa timbang” and “Kain lang pero hindi lamon”.

Photo credit: GOOD FOOD by: ABBEY / Facebook

The home bakers look forward to their next opening; set to happen next month.


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