Landlady Gives Some Money to Tenants, Also Lets Them Have 1 Month Free Rent

A number of landlords and landladies have recently gone viral after offering to give all their tenants 1 month worth of free rent so they would have one less thing to worry about amid the CQ. But one landlady earned added praise for not just giving her tenants free rent for a month, but for also giving them extra cash to buy something they might need!

Netizen Ryoko Montreal shared a photo of the Php500 bill given by a wonderful landlady in the person on Nanay Preciosa Arroza. According to Ryoko as posted by News5 Features on its Facebook page, the kind landlady owns several properties for rent in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

Photo credit: Ryoko Montreal / News5 Features – Facebook

Ryoko and the other tenants were pleasantly surprised upon learning from Nanay Preciosa that they won’t have to pay this month’s rent. Amid the CQ and knowing that the workers might be having a difficult time because their jobs are likely affected, Nanay Preciosa amazed them with the offer for free rent.

But Nanay Preciosa still had one more surprise for her tenants – she gave them some extra cash! Ryoko received Php500. It is possible that she also gave the same amount to the other tenants.

Some people might say that it is not much, but this beautiful act of kindness is already such a big thing! Thank you, Nanay Preciosa. You are such a wonderful landlady. God bless you po, many times more!