Laguna Governor on #SafetyFirst Gaffe: “Sorry, Naiuwi Ko Tuloy Yung Plato”

Netizens had a good laugh after Laguna Governor Ramil Hernandez admitted that he accidentally brought home a caterer’s plate due to a #SafetyFirst gaffe.

It was unintentional, of course – and the governor poked fun on himself for making the mistake. But he pointed out that the mistake was due to his #SafetyFirst protocol.

The governor made waves on social media after he shared a photo of himself inside a van, carrying a plate filled with food. The busy governor explained that he does not want to take off his mask in public. This is due to several reasons: he does not want to contract the COVID-19 virus, he wants to protect the public, and he wants to stay as a good example to his constituents.

But with his staff insisting that he should also eat, the governor decided to do it in his van. It was uncomfortable but at least he could freely remove his mask inside.

While eating inside his van was safe for the governor of Laguna, this led him to accidentally bring the caterer’s plate. Embarrassed over the #SafetyFirst gaffe, the governor posted about it on social media to publicly apologize to the caterer.

Photo credit: Governor Ramil Hernandez / Instagram

Pasensya na sa caterer kung nagkulang ang plato nyo. 😃 Mapilit kaseng kumain daw ako e ayaw ko ngang magtanggal ng mask sa public kaya yan sa van kainin..naiuwi ko tuloy ang plato nyo.😅 #safetyfirst po tayo,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

A lot of netizens had a good laugh over the photo, joking that he must have liked the caterer’s plate so he brought it home. Others joked that he’s one of them now because he brought home a plate from a ‘handaan’. LOL.