La Salle Graduate Posts Sweet Tribute for ‘Labandera’ Mom and Security Guard Dad

Everyone knows that De La Salle University is one of the most expensive universities in the Philippines, but this school is not just for the rich and elite folks because poor but deserving students also have a place to excel.

The daughter of a ‘labandera’ (laundrywoman) and a security guard, registered Medical Technologist and Wattpad pop fiction writer ‘Reinn’ was among those given the opportunity to study in La Salle despite not actually being able to afford the expensive tuition fees.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ninireinn

Her parents’ combined income could never pay for the tuition fees for a semester at La Salle but as Reinn put it, “God really provided.

In a thread on Twitter, Reinn shared the hardships that she and her family faced in life and how this shaped her to become who she is today. She wrote the thread as tribute to her parents who never failed to support her and push her to do her best, even if it seemed like she had an impossible dream.

While her parents weren’t able to complete their college education, with her dad working as security guard and her mother a laundrywoman, they did teach her the value of education. They knew that it is the only thing they could ever give as inheritance.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ninireinn

I survived 4 years in La Salle with my dad being a security guard and my mama having no work,” Reinn started the thread which would soon go viral.

At a young age I’ve always believed that ‘ang edukasyon ang kaisa-isang bagay na hindi mananakaw ninoman’, so at young age, I took that as my foundation to strive harder in studying even if we are a really poor.

Her hard work paid off as she graduated Salutatorian, receiving a scholarship for high school. But never in her wildest dreams did she think she could ever study in La Salle. Even with a full scholarship, there would still be other things to pay for – like uniform, food, travel allowance, books, and many others!

But Reinn was lucky to receive all those from the school, with the help of an aunt who paid the rest of her tuition fees, and her hardworking dad who paid for the miscellaneous fees. Her brilliant mind also helped her secure academic scholarship in the school while a foundation provided her food at a Japanese restaurant.

It wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for my dad’s hardwork, I can still remember him helping me with all the documents I needed for all my scholarships, he would go, even if it’ll rain or shine. He’ll always find ways. All I need to do is study hard,” Reinn recalled.

I don’t want to discredit my Mama’s care for me too. She’s always there for me too. I just want the world to know about them because despite of not being able to support me financially in education, they were able to give me the love, support and care that I needed the most.

Studying in a school with rich kids, Reinn never tried to act like she was one. Instead, she told them the truth about her background – and found real friends who accepted her for who she is! She never felt like she had to pretend because they welcomed her to the fold, never pressured her to go out to expensive hangouts, and would even treat her just so she could join them.

To clear things out, may mga utang kami noon. That’s why my mama can’t work she has to do laundry kung saan kami may utang. It has been 4 long years, and she was able to pay it alone just by doing their laundry as compensation to them, while taking care of us three,” she added.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ninireinn

Reinn graduated this year and became a registered medical technologist (RMT) shortly afterwards. She was also able to publish her book this year, sharing that she is actually author @secretlychasing on Wattpad.

Basta, always remember to believe in yourself, never doubt yourself (I’ve learned this while reviewing for board exam), don’t think you can’t because YOU CAN. AND NEVER EVER FORGET GOD ONCE YOU GET WHAT YOU PRAYED FOR,” Reinn reminded.

Congratulations, Reinn! Your parents are awesome and you are a wonderful blessing to them…

Source: Twitter / @ninireinn