Kind Guy Surprises Student Selling Pastillas, Also Promises to Pay for His Graduation Party

They were having their year-end party when a student approached them to sell pastillas. Instead of turning the young man away, the kind guy gave him a wonderful surprise – and even promised to pay for his graduation party!

Photo credit: Sabrinacio Footwear – main / Facebook

Though he did not say his name, the kind guy in the video identified himself as the owner of Sabrinacio Footwear. He would later share the video of the beautiful moment as inspiration for others. The video quickly went viral, garnering nearly 5 million views since it was posted last January 5.

Photo credit: Sabrinacio Footwear – main / Facebook

In the post, the owner shared that they were having a dinner with his family on New Year’s Eve when the student approached them, asking them to buy some of the pastillas he was selling. Curious, the kind guy grilled the student for more details, asking him why he was selling pastillas and how much he would earn if he sells everything consigned to him.

The young man shyly admitted that he is selling the sweet treat to earn some money to support himself in school. He said that he earns around Php1,000 if all the goods get sold out – but that’s only if he started out with a full bag.

Photo credit: Sabrinacio Footwear – main / Facebook

Acknowledging this young man’s efforts and hard work, the kind businessman decided to give him a surprise. Because it was New Year’s Eve and just a few hours before midnight, he offered Php1,000 to the young man so that he can go home to celebrate the new year with his family.

Could this be a prank? At first it might seem like a prank, particularly because the businessman told the young man to keep his goods and simply sell them the following day.

Photo credit: Sabrinacio Footwear – main / Facebook

But he would soon ask for his wallet and gave the young man Php1,500! Instead of the Php1,000 he promised, the businessman decided to add some more – and told the student that the money comes from God. He is just an instrument! Wow. Watch this video:

Restore Humanity ♥️New year's Eve having a dinner with my family na caught nya attention namen. Kaya we decided na surpresahin sya. Watch till the end #SabrinacioFootwearCares♥️

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