Kind Doctor Barters Brand-New Electric Fan for a Handful of ‘Kamias’ Fruits

These days, barter trading is actually becoming popular on social media with the rise of several barter groups on Facebook. Instead of selling used items, people are trading them off to other items that other people might also be trying to get rid of.

An old woman who was trying to barter her old, slightly broken fan for rice found herself with lots of rice and a brand-new fan from kind traders!

Nanay Aurora Sarcos Dela Torre, 62, of Barangay Estefania in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, told her daughter to barter their old fan for rice so they can have something to eat. Just like many other families, Nanay Aurora family is greatly affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

A lot of people who saw the offer decided to give the old woman and her family some rice!

Photo credit: SunStar Bacolod News / Facebook

Dr. Jessica Atas, 28, had also seen the trade offer. She was touched that this family had to give up their electric fan, something that they surely need in these hot days. Seeing that there were already quite a number of people who gave the old woman some rice, the doctor thought of sharing something the family would also need: a brand-new electric fan to replace the old, broken one they had to barter.

Since it is a barter site, the doctor asked the family what other things they might be able to offer. This helps the old woman keep her dignity, knowing that she was not really asking for rice but trying to offer what they had at home.

Nanay Aurora said she will give their stuffed toy to me but I did not accept thinking that it can be used by the kids in their house. So, she said they only have ‘iba’ (kamias) and I said it’s okay,” the doctor explained.

Isn’t that sweet? This kind doctor received a handful of ‘kamias’ fruits for the brand-new electric fan – and she’s so happy about this trade! Mabuhay po kayo, Doc!