Kids Make Beautiful Ornaments from Plastic Bottles, Sell Them Door-to-Door for School

While many parents complain about kids being too self-absorbed these days and only having time for their gadgets, a group of kids recently went viral for a project that had them making and selling ornaments for school.

Identified as elementary school kids from Babatngon, Leyte, the children drew admiration from netizens for their environment-friendly project.

The children’s teacher, Shellarica Arinto, shared photos of their project plus a documentation of how they went door-to-door so they could sell the items for school. It turned out that the kids were doing this to raise funds for their school paper.

To create the project, the children collected plastic bottles which they cleaned and upcycled to make the beautiful flower ornaments and coin banks.

They also collected old clothes from parents and friends. When they completed the ornaments and had enough clothes to sell, they went door to door around the neighborhood near the school.

Impressed that the students made these beautiful ornaments from plastic bottles, then sold these for their school paper project, journalist Rex Remitio would also share their story on his Facebook page.

Understanding the value of journalism in our lives knows no age,” Remitio wrote on his page.

Many netizens were also as impressed as Remitio with these kids’ hard work.

The teacher was also praised for teaching the kids who to care for the environment while also jumpstarting their entrepreneur skills by letting them sell the finished products but under her guidance, of course.

Several netizens also expressed hope that the kids also got to earn some money for themselves, not just their school paper as they certainly gave a lot of effort to make this project succeed…

Source: Rex Remitio / Facebook