Kids’ Adorable “Hi, Mga Ka-Hotdog!” Vlog on Teacher’s Phone Goes Viral

Don’t leave your things unattended. HAHAHAHA. Tawang tawa ‘ko pag check ko ng gallery,” a teacher wrote as she shared a video of her students’ vlog after she left her phone in the room, only to come back and discover that they made a cute but hilarious video while she’s out.

Teacher Nica A. Mojica shared the video on Facebook as she had a good laugh over her students’ antics in the video.

Hi, mga ka-hotdog! Nandito po tayo sa… YouTube channel,” a little girl announced in the hilarious ‘vlog’ as her classmates giggled behind her, trying to see themselves on their teacher’s phone.

May mga iba po’ng teacher dito ay nagtuturo po sa amin. Nagpapasalamat po kami na may natutunan kami…

Photo credit: Nica A. Mojica / Facebook

But that’s the end of the ‘vlog’. Perhaps the kids realized that Teacher Nica was on her way back to the room; thus, they put the phone back. The teacher had a good laugh afterwards when she finally found the video on her gallery.

Hindi ko kayang itago lang ito. Sino po ba ang ka-hotdog ng batang ito?” Teacher Nica posted on her Facebook account.

The post would quickly go viral, with many netizens having a good laugh as well over the children’s cute vlog.

Dinaig ka pa may youtube channel si hotdog” a friend of Teacher Nica commented. “Kinabog ako mapag gawa na nga ng youtube channel. Ang aking netizen mga ka-kikiam!

Hahaha vlogger si bagets,” the teacher replied.

This video is so funny, right? Check it out:

Hindi ko kayang itago lang ito. Sino po ba ang ka-hotdog ng batang ito? Lesson learned: Don't leave your things and students unattended. 🤣

Posted by Nica A. Mojica on Monday, March 2, 2020