Kid Who Sells Sampaguita Fell Asleep While Studying, Photos Earn Praise

Netizens are all praises for a boy who fell asleep while studying as he sold sampaguita outside a cathedral in Lipa, Batangas. Many are hoping that he could find scholarship so he would not have to sell to earn some cash for his ‘baon’ (allowance) in school.

In a post on Facebook, netizen Sha Lim Pua shared photos of the kid as he slept at the park near the cathedral. With his book on his lap and some strings of sampaguita on his hand, the boy leaned to the side of the walkway.

Photo credit: Sha Lim Pua / Facebook

The tired kid used his bag as pillow in that public walkway, but many netizens were impressed by how diligent he was as he continued to focus on his studies even while he is selling sampaguita. It just so happened that he was too tired that day to keep himself up as he studied, but it was clear that he had every intention to study while he juggled time to sell sampaguita for a living.

Many netizens wished him success in life, saying that he could reach many places with his drive to learn and also earn money for his family.

Photo credit: Sha Lim Pua / Facebook

As for Pua, she wished him good luck in life and hoped that someone could grant him scholarship. She also hoped that this still unnamed kid would become an inspiration to others.

While there were those who didn’t approve of Pua taking the photo and not helping the kid, she explained that she actually did – but she chose not to take a photo of how much she gave the kid because she wanted this post to focus on the inspirational kid, not her kind deed.

Photo credit: Gellie Ann Rosales Peñaranda II / Facebook

After fielding a lot of questions as to where they could send the boy some money, Pua later updated netizens that the kid goes to the spot after his classes end at 3PM. He can be seen outside the cathedral in Lipa, Batangas nearly every day as he sold sampaguita after his class hours.

God bless you, kid!

Source: Sha Lim Pua / Facebook