Kid Uses Dad’s Credit Card to Buy Lots of Toys from Lazada

Do you save financial information such as credit cards or debit accounts on your mobile phone for easier, faster payment when you shop online?

Most of us do that, of course, but one dad learned the hard way that this is not a safe practice when his son went on a shopping spree using his credit card! Uh-oh.

Photo credit: Sharifah Cut Shai / Facebook

Malaysian mom Sharifah Cut Shai shared the experience to warn other parents not to save their financial information on their phones, especially if they let the kids use the gadget from time to time. This after their 4-year-old son Luth Harris Aufa bought several toys from Lazada using his dad’s credit card.

According to Sharifah, her husband was surprised one day when several riders arrived at their house with packages filled with toys, mostly for their son Luth. At first, Sharifah’s husband thought that she was the one who made the orders but as more riders arrived to deliver more toys, he got confused.

Photo credit: Sharifah Cut Shai / Facebook

You bought all of these for the kids?” the puzzled husband messaged Sharifah, sending her a photo of the toys.

Naturally, Sharifah was puzzled, too. But after checking their respective phones, the couple discovered that there are more toys coming! Some have already been dispatched while others are still being processed by the seller. Sharifah quickly canceled all the orders that she could still cancel – and that amounted to more than RM200 (around $50 or Php2,400).

But the other items have already been delivered or were already shipped; thus, these orders could no longer be canceled. The orders that have been delivered and those still in transit amounted to a total of nearly RM900 ($220 or Php10,600).

Photo credit: Sharifah Cut Shai / Facebook

Considering that these were mostly toys and some cosplay items, Sharifah and her husband were completely aghast over the experience. Thankfully, they were allowed by Lazada to return many of the items after they explained what happened but they still had to wait a long time for the payments to be returned to their account.

When asked, Luth readily admitted to clicking ads for Spiderman toys that appeared while he was watching YouTube. The toys looked so nice that the kid enjoyed buying them, not realizing that doing so entails using real money and that he’s actually using his dad’s credit card for the shopping spree!

Photo credit: Sharifah Cut Shai / Facebook

Sharifah advised other parents to log out of all shopping apps if they let their kids borrow their phones. She added that though saving your credit/debit information on the phone is quite convenient, such could make you prone to experiencing the same ‘shopping spree’ that 4-year-old Luth did on their phone!