Kid Sleeps on Lizard While Studying, Gets Hilarious Face ‘Tattoo’

A student from Taiwan recently went viral for sleeping on a lizard while studying, leading to a hilarious but thankfully just temporary ‘tattoo’ of the creature on his cheek! LOL. We can really understand his expression in the post but netizens really found it hilarious.

Very little information is provided about the kid, but the photos require no elaborate explanation. It was quite obvious that the kid had been busy studying when he got too sleepy and accidentally got his face on that poor lizard.

Photo credit: menlin_fitri / Twitter

He must have slept for a long time on that creature because its shape got imprinted on his cheek when he finally woke up.

The boy still looks so sleepy but he also looks furious about the incident. LOL. It is unsure whether he was mad about sleeping on the lizard and getting that imprint ‘tattoo’ on his face or if he was awakened by the person who took the picture. But netizens felt amused that the kid had slept on that lizard and did not even wake up while the creature was underneath his cheek.

Photo credit: menlin_fitri / Twitter

He must have been so sleep, huh? A lot of netizens joked that the subject he was studying was really so boring that he slept this hard and didn’t even notice the lizard there. LOL. Whatever the real reason, we hope the lizard passed on in peace. LOL.