Kid Refuses to Leave Parents’ Grave, Plays in Sand as He Can’t Understand They’re Gone

Losing your parents is one of the most devastating events in a person’s life, particularly if they are gone at the same time. But it is a situation that young children find even harder to understand.

A boy from Bachok, Malaysia, named Arfan lost both his parents to a motor accident. At his young age, however, it was hard for the boy to understand why his parents would not wake up and were placed inside a box. When they were laid to rest in simple graves covered with sand, the boy still could not comprehend why they were placed inside the hole in the ground.

Photo credit: Azuan Shamsuddin / Facebook

Because the boy keeps asking where his parents are and could not understand that they are gone forever, his relatives just made up the story that they are ‘living’ underneath the sand.

So, for Arfan, his parents are still in that spot. From time to time, he would request other family members to bring him to his parents’ grave, in hopes that they would return.

Photo credit: Azuan Shamsuddin / Facebook

According to his uncle, Azuan Shamsuddin, Arfan would often call out, “Mom! Mom!” while playing with the sand at the graveyard. He definitely misses his parents and wished that his mom would eventually wake up and be with him again.

Photo credit: Azuan Shamsuddin / Facebook

Azuan said that Arfan is actually such a clean kid who does not even play with sand at home. But at his parents’ grave, he enjoys sitting on the ground and playing with the sand. It is like he truly feels that there is something in that spot that’s different from all the other places. Poor kid…

Source: Azuan Shamsuddin / Facebook