Kicked Out Three Times from School, This Guy Now Owns 50 Branches of His Own Company

Education is important; that’s a fact. But it could also not be denied that there are many people who succeeded in life and became rich even if they were not able to complete their studies or had experience lots of failure in school!

Felipe Zamora III was kicked out three times from three different high schools in Manila as he flunked for 4 consecutive years. He never obtained a high school diploma, not because he was not a brilliant student, but he was always daydreaming and would often skip school to hang out with friends, wrote Esquire Mag.

Photo credit: Esquire Mag

Thanks to the encouragement of his mother, Felipe took the Philippine Educational Placement Test. He passed the exam and was able to skip all the years of high school altogether. Coming from a well-off family, he flew to the US to get his college degree.

The new school was an eye-opener to the young man, making him realize how much he wasted back in the Philippines.

You go to school with people who have two jobs. You go to school with people with kids and it’s like, wow what a realization… Then you start having an appreciation for the value of money and work that really changes your perception,” he told the paper.

Photo credit: Esquire Mag

This time, he did not waste his opportunity to study. He completed his degree in Finance and now heads his family’s business, Golden Legacy Finance Corporation (GLFC), a lending company catering to pensioners.

Aside from GLFC, however, the young man also ventured on his own business and brought Russia-based Robocash to the Philippines. This came after he was introduced to founder and CEO of Russian-based payday loan company Robocash, Segey Sedov, who was looking to expand the company in the Southeast Asian market.

Photo credit: Esquire Mag

Robocash Philippines opened its first branch in September 2017. To his surprise, the company grew so fast that he got his ROI in just 1 year! Within 1 year, he was able to open 50 more branches of Robocash Philippines.

He plans to increase the number to 200 by the end of 2020. His other goal? Reach Php1.1 billion in sales! Not bad coming from a three-time high school dropout, huh?

Source: Esquire Mag