Jogger’s Act of Kindness on Homeless Man Inspires People to Help Get Him Off the Streets

A jogger walks barefoot in the streets of New York after giving his shoes to a homeless guy, but his act of kindness would create a ripple in the community as more people pitched in to help bring the guy out of the streets.

Twitter user @NYorNothing was stuck in traffic at a red light when she saw a beautiful moment that she quickly recorded on her phone. She witnessed a jogger take off his shoes after reading a homeless man’s sign, then walking on barefoot – and the jogger did not even stop to take a photo with the guy he had left his shoes with!

Photo credit: @NYorNothing / Twitter

Impressed by what she witnessed, the netizen shared the video on her Twitter account where it would soon go viral, earning close to 1 million views.

It was 9am in the WTC area, I watched as a jogger took off his sneakers, gave them to a homeless man, & walked the NYC streets barefoot,” @NYorNothing wrote.

Our character is what we do when we think nobody is looking.

Soon, people came looking for the homeless guy and learned that his name is Joe Arroyo, 30. Jobless and homeless, Joe is hoping that he could find a job because he was hungry and was even wearing broken shoes.

He was bringing a sign that said so when the jogger saw it and gave him his shoes, without asking for anything in return; the jogger did not even leave his name.

Photo credit: Eyewitness News ABC7NY / YouTube

When interviewed by Eyewitness News, Joe took the opportunity to ask people for help in finding a job. This was heard by successful entrepreneur Andrew Zurica who immediately went to Joe’s spot to offer him a job.

Photo credit: Eyewitness News ABC7NY / YouTube

Thanks to the nameless jogger who helped give him shoes, and for the Twitter user who shared a video of the moment that she found really inspiring, a ripple of kindness brought the community together to help bring Joe off the streets. Isn’t that beautiful?

Watch the update on his story here: