Jericho Comes Back to Take Photo with Fan, Earns Praise for Sweet Gesture

While it is true that many artists and showbiz personalities owe their success to the public, many of them do love to live a private life where they don’t always have to pose for photos everywhere they go.

But it’s also lovely when these famous people stop for a while and indulge their fans’ requests for a photo.

Recently, Pinoy actor Jericho Rosales went viral for what he did to a fan while he was at a mall.

A worker at California Pizza kitchen Edsa Shangrila, Dennish Dianne Adriano, shared how she had spotted the actor at the mall and called his attention, asking if she could have a photo taken with him.

But the actor refused to have a photo taken at the moment, telling her to wait because he was looking for a store in the mall. Thinking that the actor had snubbed her, she frowned as the actor went on his way.

Photo credit: Facebook / Dennish Dianne Adriano

Dennish thought nothing about the incident but some 30 minutes later, Jericho was back – and he was all smiles as he told her he had found the store and was now ready to have a photo taken with her! That was certainly quite a surprise for the young fan who happily smiled as she was finally able to have a photo with her idol.

It is unknown whether there were other people who had also stopped the actor that day for a photo but it was great that though he ‘snubbed’ Dennish at first as he was hurrying to find that store at the mall, he went back like he promised. Isn’t that sweet?

The post has since gone viral, garnering close to 400k reactions from fans who were happy to hear such a great story about the actor.

Sources: ABS-CBN News, Facebook / Dennish Dianne Adriano