Japanese Seeks Help from Tulfo to Get Back 22 Vehicles Plus Gold Jewelry from Ex-GF

Veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo has earned the reputation as someone to turn to in times of need, especially for those who need help in getting away from bad employers or some really bad relationships.

But Raffy Tulfo in Action has attracted the attention of many foreigners, with the show getting quite a lot of foreigners also asking for help mostly against their Filipina ex-girlfriends or ex-wives.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Hiroko Koike, a 56-year-old chef in Shizuoko, Japan, went to the show for help to get back the house, twenty two vehicles, and various jewelry from ex-partner Aina Cañete Tamayo, a 41-year-old former entertainer who is now based in Davao City.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

According to Amalia Elemen, a 39-year-old interpreter from San Andres, Manila and Hiroko’s friend, the Japanese lesbian met Aina in Japan. She would later fly to the Philippines when Aina went home.

In Davao City, the couple bought a home before Hiroko went back to Japan. From there, she would continually provide support for Aina, even after the Pinay got pregnant with someone’s baby. Aside from money, Hiroko also bought a total of twenty-two cars for Aina as well as several pieces of jewelry.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

After 16 years when the relationship turned sour, Hiroko asked for help to get back even just half of the cars and the jewelry, never mind the house and the other money she sent; however, Aina says nothing is left of everything sent to her.

During their meeting, facilitated by Tulfo, Aina refused to return anything to her former partner, claiming that nothing is left or that all the jewelry had be pawned off; however, she refused to say where she had them pawned for the Japanese to retrieve.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

In the end, the Japanese could not do anything to get the things from Aina. Hiroko left for Japan but vowed to come back and file appropriate charges against Aina so she could get her things back – but Aina continues to insist that those were ‘gifts’ and should remain in her possession.

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