Japanese Company Offers “Couple-Busting” Services to Find Your Cheating Partner’s Lover

Japan is one of the countries where you can rent a person for virtually anything, such as acting like your boyfriend who will cuddle and hang out with you. You may want to add up a relationship fixer to this list. A private investigation company in Tokyo, Ginza Ladis 1 is a company that can befriend your cheating spouse’s partner and convinces them to break up, so you won’t have to.

Turns out, Ginza Ladis 1 can make a movie-like scenario to ensure that they are successful in the break up the extramarital relationship if a client is willing to pay a generous amount.

They will start by tracking the cheating spouse’s partner and find out their interest and hobbies. If by any chance this person doesn’t have any hobbies, they would slip coupons for various events in their mailbox to create an opportunity for the friend to approach him.

To gain the trust of the person, Ginza Ladis 1 would hire professional actors as friends-to-be and they could even make a special set up scenes at hotels, apartments and even pop-up cafes specifically for the project. According to SoraNews24, they even used helicopters and police cars to create realistic scenarios.

Image from Odditycentral

As the friend gained the lover’s trust, they would proceed to the primary goal — to break up the relationship. They would act like they care and suggest that they deserve more, things that a true friend would say.

This operation is not as cheap as you would think it would be. Ginza Ladis 1 offers “30 days and see what happens” that’s priced at 380,000 yen ($3,376) and “240 days with success guaranteed” which costs 8,600,000 yen ($76,419).

Though this would not completely solve the problem, they are also offering a variety of counseling/self-help programs that will help you solve the problems of your relationship.