Inspiring Tricycle Driver, Proud Dad to Dentist and Pharmacist

As tricycle driver, he does not earn a lot of money yet one dad has gone viral as he was able to send his kids to college – one became a dentist while the other is a pharmacist!

Proud of her father, Dr. Marga Santiago Suoborin shared their photos and praised him for sending them to school so they can have a better future.

Photo credit: Marga Santiago Suoborin / Facebook

In her post, Suoborin narrated that she had actually dreamed of becoming a flight attendant but was unsure of what to take in college. Her mother, an accountant, suggested that she take up accountancy to be just like her. However, her dad encouraged her to become a dentist.

Knowing that dentistry is an expensive course to take, Suoborin hesitated but her dad encouraged her to try. He will support her all the way.

Photo credit: Marga Santiago Suoborin / Facebook

Okay lang yan mag enroll ka. Kaya natin yan. Pagsisikapan ko yan!” promised her tricycle driver dad.

Indeed, Suoborin worked harder so she can become a dentist. He would wake up at dawn to work at their farm before heading back home so he could take his children to school. Their dad spent the rest of the day working hard as tricycle driver, saving up every coin he earned for his children’s future.

Photo credit: Marga Santiago Suoborin / Facebook

Suoborin recalled that their dad never complained each time they asked for money that they needed for school. There was even one time when she had to ask for Php20k to buy dental materials, yet he had that amount ready and happily gave it to her!

My father is a farmer and a tricycle driver and he’s my real life superhero. Nothing can change that,” she praised.

Photo credit: Marga Santiago Suoborin / Facebook

Suoborin also acknowledges the help of their mother, tita, and cousin, but feels proud that their tricycle driver dad was able to send them to college – and he’s now the proud dad to a dentist and a pharmacist…