‘Influencer’ Asks Artist to Make Her Portrait, Wants to Pay Him with ‘Shoutout’

A social media ‘influencer’ has earned netizens’ ire after asking an artist to make her portrait in exchange for a ‘shoutout’. She had no plans to pay the artist for the work, even though she’s asking him to create a beautiful portrait that was quite large at 30” x 40”!

Artist Hans Alcanzare shared the experience after the influencer had blocked him when he refused to do it for free.

It all started when the woman saw Alcanzare’s portrait of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Impressed at the artist’s work, she messaged Alcanzare to ask him to make a similar one for her, at the same size.

The woman also wanted to have the portrait in just a week, making this something equivalent to rush work.

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

But when Alcanzare told her the portrait would cost Php15,000 for that size and style, the woman was furious. She told him she was an ‘influencer’ and that she’d pay him via shoutout. When Alcanzare refused to accept the ‘shoutout’ as payment for the artwork, the woman got so angry that she blocked him.

This led to the artist sharing the conversation to educate others that artists just can’t receive ‘shoutouts’ as payment for their work…

Hi Ma’am thank you for blocking me so I have now the opportunity to post this. My work might be just a piece of shape, curve and shade for you. But for me, I consider it as my greatest workmanship and able to call it my own “Masterpiece”. I respect you as an influencer and I have nothing against with it coz’ I know that’s how you do for a living. But, I know you are getting paid for the product placements and endorsements as an influencer so please, don’t expect me to do something for free.

I hope you understand that I invest so much on my art materials, time, energy and effort. Getting a shoutout doesn’t even pay bills or fill an empty stomach. Please don’t look down on us (artists) and on our arts. Thank you! ☺️☺️☺️

If you were an artist, would you accept a ‘shoutout’ as payment?

Source: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook