Indonesian Athlete Wins Gold in SEA Games, But Receives Heartbreaking News of Dad’s Passing

Indonesian athlete Edgar Xavier Marvelo traveled all the way to the Philippines in his quest for gold as he represents his country in Wushu, a type of Chinese Kungfu. But though the young man managed to win the gold – two golds, actually – he would receive bad news of his dad’s passing right after he was awarded with his first gold medal.

Photo credit: Antara Photo / Nyoman Budhiana

Winning the golds for both the men’s Gunshu and Daoshu events of Wushu yesterday came as a bittersweet moment for the young athlete who was left in tears after receiving his medal. It started out as just another sporting day for Marvelo as he competed in the men’s Wushu Gunshu match at the World Trade Center Building in Manila on Tuesday during the 2019 SEA Games. But while he was concentrating in the match, his team learned about that happened to his father back home.

The team chose to keep quiet about the situation, giving Marvelo the chance to compete with a clear mind. Learning about his father’s passing at that moment would surely be a huge distraction for the young athlete. After all, that’s the most devastating news anyone could ever receive!

Photo credit: Facebook / 2019 SEA Games

As Marvelo received his gold medal, his teammates cried. At first, everyone thought that those were tears of joy but Marvelo would soon learn that the tears were of sadness over his father’s passing. The young athlete could not help but also cry as he gets a hug from his team.

Photo credit: Facebook / 2019 SEA Games

Thankfully, his many years of training kept him in focus as he competed for the next event. He would bring home the gold for the individual Taolu Daoshu/Goshu number and would also win another in the group Dullian number. The young man dedicates his win to his late dad who never knew that his son had won two golds in the 2019 SEA Games…