Impressive Student Graduates Cum Laude, Even While Working 6 Jobs to Support Self

He sent himself to college by working 6 jobs, but Leo Jaminola truly impressed everyone when he still managed to graduate as cum laude from the University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman despite the difficult situation he was in.

On his Facebook account Jaminola shared the struggles he had to face even as a kid, up to the time he was able to graduate from college with a degree of BA Political Science from UP Diliman.

Photo credit: Leo Jaminola / Facebook

Growing up, shirtless children playing near the esteros and makeshift houses made of tarpaulin were a normal sight. These were everyday scenes in my community–a community where most members grapple with the everyday reality of poverty,” Jaminola wrote.

My family was part of this struggling community. We were, and are, part of the section of society that does not have their own homes, that fails to pay their electricity on time, and that struggles to survive from paycheck to paycheck.

Earning just Php200 in his job as messenger at a local municipal hall in Mindoro, Jaminola’s dad could barely send him money to use in school or to buy food. Thus, the young student knew he had to do something to survive and to fulfill his dream of graduating from college.

Amazingly, he didn’t just work in a job or two; instead, he worked in six different jobs! Jaminola was able to experience being a library student assistant, a tutor, a writer, an encoder, a transcriptionist, and a food vendor at the canteen.

While my classmates were busy preparing for exams, I was coming home from tutoring sessions. While my friends were sleeping soundly, I was finishing transcriptions for interviews. While my colleagues had finished submitting their semester term papers, I was concluding articles for clients,” Jaminola shared.

There was little actual time for me to devote to my academics as there was a constant need for money. Choosing between work and academics was honestly a no-brainer. I’d always prioritize work. Work after all, fed me, kept me alive.

This led to some failing grades for the young student, yet he continued to push himself to the limit. Even as his grades were affected, he focused more on his jobs.

Photo credit: Leo Jaminola / Facebook

Since he didn’t have stellar grades like other students, he was not able to find scholarships from the university.

But after 5 years, all his hard work paid off. But his success was made even sweeter by the cum laude honor he received on his graduation day. Despite struggling with 6 jobs to support himself, he was still able to complete his degree with flying colors. What an impressive young man…

Source: Leo Jaminola / Facebook