Important Facts You Should Know About Diabetes

When we hear the word “diabetes”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is “beware of sweets” – no sugar on my coffee please, no to chocolates and cakes, no to high blood sugar. It sounds like being condemned to a life full of restrictions from all food sweet and yummy.

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits; especially eating habits. People nowadays eat on the run, grabbing high-fat, processed and fast foods. And while poor health habits aren’t good for everyone, they’re especially destructive for people who have diabetes.

Here are some facts about diabetes that you should know:

Poor eating habits and preferences make it harder to manage the condition and increase one’s risk for dangerous complications.  Diabetes is not a simple and easy condition, so, when you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for a while, it could be life threatening if you don’t take care of it ASAP.

Photo by Shutterstock
Photo by Shutterstock