Husband Surprises Teacher Wife with Laptop after Working Three Jobs to Earn Money

His wife is a teacher. After seeing her struggle with her lessons because she doesn’t own a laptop, a loving husband made sure to work extra jobs to earn enough to surprise her with a laptop – and this promptly brought her to tears. Awwww.

In a post that has gone viral on TikTok, 25-year-old Shahrul Amri Ibrahim shared a video of how he surprised his wife, Nurul Akma Abd Rashid, 25, with the laptop that he saved up for months.

Photo credit: Shahrul Amri Ibrahim

Sharhrul explained that they got married last November 2020. In the months that they were married, he realized the hardships that Nurul had to undergo in preparing for lessons or tests for her kindergarten pupils.

So that she could prepare her lessons, Nurul would borrow a laptop from her co-teachers or from the school. But this meant that she can’t do these activities anytime she wanted. She has to wait for the others to complete their lessons or for an extra laptop available at school.

Even though she never complained or begged, I felt bad having to watch her go through the inconvenience of borrowing laptops from the school to finish her work,” Sharhrul explained.

Photo credit: Shahrul Amri Ibrahim

So, he decided to find an extra job to earn more money so he could buy her a laptop. A biomedical technician, Sharhrul soon became a food delivery rider. He also earned extra by selling various stuff online.

Though he did not earn a lot of money, he did save up enough to buy his wife a secondhand laptop.

After being satisfied with the appropriate specifications for my wife’s job, I finally agreed to buy a used laptop,” he said.

When I got home, I told her that there was a special surprise in the room before she found the laptop bag under the pillow and cried when she saw what was in the bag.

Photo credit: Shahrul Amri Ibrahim

Thanks to this supportive husband, one teacher’s life was made easier. Kudos to you, Sharhrul. Congratulations Nurul for having such a loving and supportive man as your husband!