Husband Sold Fishball So Wife Can Become a Cop, But She Left Him for Another Policeman

Couples are expected to help each other through thick or thin, through happy or difficult situations.

Sadly, not everyone gets to enjoy a ‘happy every after’…

Life was financially difficult for couple Richell and Diana Ipapo. Because Diana was the brilliant one, they decided that she should be the one to go back to school and become a policeman. Richell promised to support her all the way, selling fishball and other items so they could achieve they dreams and have a better life for their family.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

But the dream turned to nightmare for Richell when Diana found a new love while training. She fell in love with another policeman and would leave her husband after becoming a Police Officer 1!

The heartbroken husband tried his best to make his wife love him back, even for the sake of their 10-year-old child, but she had already made up her mind. She no longer loves him and now wants to have a new life with her policeman boyfriend. She filed for annulment.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Richell would also find photos of his wife with her new boyfriend – and even heard that she is currently 7 months pregnant!

Heartbroken but also angry at the same time, Richell decided to seek the help of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

In a phone interview on the show, Diana dismissed Richell’s help in her studies as his obligation because he was her husband. According to Diana, Richell had to send her money because she had nowhere to get the money from; as her husband, he should be the one to do it.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Diana claimed that she was a scholar and also worked hard to earn extra money to pay for her tuition fees. Moreover, she pointed out that it was her hard work and her brain that made her become a policewoman, not Richell’s money.

She further claimed that she no longer loves Richell and he was probably trying to go after her for the money, under the guise of asking for their child. But Richell pointed out that he was able to send her to school; he could surely afford to do the same thing for their child.

Raffy told Diana that though he could certainly not make her go back to her husband, the fact that she was legally married to him gives him the right to file a case against her – and he would certainly win, especially if it was true that she was pregnant.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

But Diana claimed that the guy in the photos was just ‘her friend’ even if it was quite obvious that they were very sweet with each other. She insisted that he’s just a ‘sweet friend’, not her boyfriend.

On the show, Diana tried to make a deal with Richell and ask him to just forgive her but he was determined to press charges.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

As of press time, the show has already helped Richell file a case against Diana. They are now awaiting the results of the administrative case Richell fined at the Internal Affair Service at Camp Crame. If he wins, Diana could be dismissed from service.